Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Everything Science!

Hello Everyone,

This week we thought we would take this opportunity to share with our Kindergarten community some of the wonderful learning we have been doing in Science.

We have been discussing the ways humans and objects move. To explore this concept further we have participated in the scientific method of questioning, hypothesizing and most importantly testing! We observed the way in which objects moved across a variety of surfaces including carpets, desks and ramps. Some of the things we noticed included spinning, rolling, sliding and bouncing.

Currently Kindergarten are exploring the different types of weather. We are investigating ways in which weather influences our everyday lives, how it may change the activities we can do or the clothes we wear.

You may have seen our science board in the classroom. It has recordings of all of our wonderings we have posed regarding what the children want to learn about the weather.

We have continued on with our learning of sounds and recently we have discovered that vowels can make multiple sounds depending on the letters around them. The sounds and letter patterns we have learned include /igh/ as in light, /ai/ as in rain, /ee/ as in sheep, /oa/ as in road, /oo/ as in moon, /oo/ as in book, /ar/ as in car, /ur/ as in fur and /or/ as in fork.

Kindergarten teachers look forward to catching up with families in week 10 for parent/carer interviews.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Term 2 Update


We have been so busy getting smarter in Kindergarten and we would love to share some of the wonderful things we have been learning about.

In literacy this term we have been learning about rhyming words. We have been reading lots of books and singing lovely songs to help us hear and identify rhyming words. The home learning books have been filled with impressive rhyming sentences for the children to share with their peers.

We are continually revising the letter sounds that have been taught already. We have also learned some more single letter sounds including /j/, /v/, /w/, /x/, /y/ and /z/. As well as all the single letter sounds we have begun learning diagraphs. A diagraph is two letters combined to make one sound. The diagraphs we have been learning include; /qu/, /ch/, /sh/, /th/ and /ng/.

In mathematics we have been learning about measuring length. In kindergarten we measure length by comparing objects starting on the same baseline. We also use informal units to measure such as unifix cubes.

Recently the Brumbies Rugby Team visited Fraser Primary and taught us some really cool skills through a variety of balls games, relays and co-ordination activities. The bears had so much fun!

Just letting you all know that Kindergarten will be hosted their first assembly in week 6. We are very excited!! If you are able to make it to the school hall next Friday 2 June at 9:15 we would love to see your faces in the audience.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Kylie, Carly, Jessica and Kate

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Welcome to Term 2

Welcome to term 2!  We have had a very successful start back after a relaxing holiday.  We are ready to continue learning in the Caring Cave.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our kindergarten Fraser families for attending our Teddy Bear Picnic last term.  It was so wonderful to see the children sharing their learning with their loved ones.  Thank you also for the beautiful fruit and vegetable platters, they were delicious!

We are thrilled to have Mrs Addie Corbett join the kindergarten team.  We were able to introduce Addie at the Reading Information session for parents/carers last term.  Addie is an experienced teacher who we know will add so much value to our teaching and learning.

In letters and sounds this week we have been learning about double letter sounds, /ff/ as in fluffy, /ll/ as in tell and /ss/ as in recess.

You would have received your child's Home Learning book and sharing day this week.  This term we are focusing on rhyming words.  Each week the children will complete an entry to share with their class.  This is a wonderful opportunity to further develop and practise oral language skills.  We look forward to the children sharing!

Next Friday 5 May we are off on our excursion to the Canberra Theatre to see "We're going on a Bear Hunt".  Please return your note and money to the Front Office if you haven't done so.  This assists with our final planning.  On the day the children will eat Brain Boost and recess before we depart and lunch on arrival back at school.  Due to the time of the excursion, no lunch orders will able to be ordered.  Please pack lunch for your child next Friday.  Thank you to those who were willing to assist on the day, however, we have the right amount of teachers and seats booked at the theatre.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

My Word Book

Hello loved ones,

This week the teachers have been very excited to hear students recall their camera words and use sound talk when reading the words in their My Word Book. We are thrilled with the children's progress and are delighted to share an example of what your child's word day may look like. This is a weekly occurrence so students are reminded to have their My Word Book ready to share on their word day.

We have also seen some wonderful and very creative examples of families supporting their children when learning new words and sounds. See some pictures below.

The sounds we have learned this week are /u/ like in up, /r/ like in robot and /h/ like in house.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

We are Wonderful Writers!

Each day teachers model writing with a clear purpose.  We model beginning a sentence with a capital letter, using our 'sound talk' to spell words, leaving a finger space between words and using a full stop at the end of a sentence.  The students are involved in daily writing experiences and are supported at their individual stage of development.  We celebrate writing and inspire others by sharing students writing on the interactive whiteboard.  We are so incredibly proud of all our wonderful writers in kindergarten.  Check out this wicked writing!!!!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kindy Update

Hello kindy loved ones,

We are so thankful to all those who attended the Reading Information Session on Friday, we appreciate your time and enthusiasm for your child's progress as a successful learner. If there is any further assistance or clarification we can provide please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

As promised we endeavor to continually inform families of the letter sounds we are learning via our blog.

The latest sounds include;

/m/ /f/ /d/ /g/ /o/

This week we will be teaching the sounds;

/k/ /ck/ /e/

For maths and numeracy over the next few weeks we will be exploring number sequences including numbers before and numbers after, as well as 2D shapes.

This week we have sent home reading pouches with all the kindergarten students. Within the pouch you will find several items, including;

Information regarding Kindergarten Home Learning
Practise Book - to be practised all week
Story Book - to be read with loved ones and changed daily
My Word Book - practised and returned to school daily
Tracing Cards - these may be kept at home for regular letter and numeral formation practise
Reading Friends Posters - use these as prompts to assist your child when reading
Number Cards Template - children may decorate the numbers and return them to school where the teachers will laminate and send them back for regular use at home

Remember to be guided by 'Mem Fox's 10 Commandments' and embrace story time with your family.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Learning in Kindergarten

The weeks are flying by in term 1.  We are such busy bears, getting smarter everyday in the Caring Cave!  Here is a snap shot of what we are learning.

Letters and Sounds- Each week we learn 3 new letter shapes and sounds.  This week we have learnt /p/, /i/ and /n/.  We are identifying these sounds in words and learning how to form the letter shapes correctly.  We are looking forward to expanding on our Letters and Sounds program in kindergarten at our information session on Friday 17 March. This session is not to be missed!

Reading- In class we love reading stories and we discuss the many features of books.  The teachers are modelling early reading behaviours such as, reading left to right and pointing to each word.  We are learning strategies (reading friends) to have a go at tricky words.  Ask your child about "owl eyes". Owl eyes are used for looking at pictures to gain a better understanding of a story, recognising letter shapes and even as a clue to help work out a tricky word.  Check out our owl eye props below!

Writing- We are reconstructing sentences from stories that we read.  Students are using their 'Fishy Lips' to make the first sound in a word.  We are tracing sentences and having a go at copying a sentence, including using finger spaces.  Our letter formation is improving every week!

Mathematics- We are busy learning to count, write and order numbers to 10 and are just beginning to look at the teen numbers.  We are using ten frames to represent number and each day we record how many days we have been in kindergarten.  Wow, how those days are adding up!  We are creating, copying and continuing patterns.

History- All about me is a unit that focuses on each child and their family.  We are exploring different family structures and developing our understanding that every family is special and unique.

Social and Emotional Learning-  Our self-awareness unit helps us to recognise our feelings, while valuing our strengths and abilities.

Fundamental Motor Skills- Students are practising catching and throwing and their running technique.  We are so fast!