Friday, 22 September 2017

Fire Safety in Kindergarten

Today we were lucky to have four firefighters from the West Belconnen Emergency Services visit kindergarten.  We met fire fighter Damian (Xavier's Dad), Chris, Kate and Chris.  It was such an informative and interactive session about fire safety.  We learnt all about the difference between good and bad fires. The children got to practise the action of stop, drop and roll if their clothes were ever to catch fire and how to get down low and go, go, go.
The firefighters taught us the importance of having smoke dectectors in our home and knowing our home address.  We can call the emergency number '000' if there was ever a fire at our home. 
We know that fire fighters are our friends that help keep us safe. They wear special protective clothing and a mask to keep themselves safe from fire.  Miss Mooney and Miss Whitford got to dress up in all the special gear! 
The fire fighters even gave us 2 homework holiday jobs!  We need to learn our home address if we don't know it yet and check if we have smoke detectors in our own homes too.
The most thrilling part was.......the fire truck of course! Lights, climbing through the truck and even getting to spray the giant hose on the thirsty grass.
Thank you to the fire fighters for coming and educating us on fire safety.  We love learning how to be safe!
Check out our fantastic morning!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Holiday Happenings

The teachers and students can not believe how quickly term three has zoomed past!
Before we know it, it will be term 4 and we will be busy continuing to get smarter, getting ourselves ready for the end of year concert and preparing for next year.

Some suggestions of ways you may be able to continue your child's academic and personal progress during the two week break include;

  • Regularly reading with your child; this can include but is not limited to reading practise books
  • Discussing books and stories and asking questions before during and after reading; these questions help to ensure your child is comprehending what they are reading    
  • Playing maths games with your child; all opportunities to share their knowledge of numbers and counting will help to consolidate and deepen their number sense
  • Craft and fine motor activities; these activities promote greater strength, control and use of the finer muscles in the hand and forearm, which help to improve handwriting
  • Movement and gross motor activities; development of the control children have over the larger muscle groups also promotes greater ability to maintain focus and stability in the learning environment.
In preparation for the end of year celebration the children have begun practising for their performance. This week a note will be sent home explaining the costumes the children will be asked to wear on the night of the performance. Boys are asked to wear a plain black tank top with denim shorts or pants and girls are asked to wear a plain black singlet with bright shorts, skirt or tights. Information regarding where the item may be purchased if needed will be outlined in the note. We ask that all girls bring their black singlet into school in week one of term 4 so the teachers can prepare the singlet for the night of the concert.   

Monday, 4 September 2017

Learn to Ride Centre

The Learn to Ride Centre is designed to prepare children for using Canberra's many bike paths and roadways safely and responsibly. In conjunction with the ACT's Ride or Walk to School Program a program has been devised to educate children about cycling safety and to promote physical activity. 

We had such a valuable learning experience at the Learn to Ride Centre.  Before our arrival we discussed choosing a good fit bike.  Students needed to choose a bike that allowed their leg to be straight and their foot flat on the ground before riding.

When we arrived at our destination we discussed the features of the Learn to Ride Centre (traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and road safety signs) and how to ride safely and responsibly.  

Students spent the day in their individual classes.  Each group took it in turns to ride,  play physical education games, such as builders and bulldozers, and explore the balance logs.


The children were very responsible when they were riding and took into consideration the skills of others while cycling on the cycle path.

The students enjoyed taking part in this program and we discussed our riding goals when we were back at school. Please take this opportunity to continue to discuss road safety rules with your child.

The children had such a fun day taking part in a new learning experience.  As always, the teachers had just as much fun riding and learning as the bears did!

Thank you to the Southern Cross Early Learning Centre for letting us come to your school!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Book Week Celebrations

This week in honour of Book Week we have enjoyed celebrating our love for books and reading. Children and staff joined in the festivities on Thursday with some magnificent costumes. All children participated in a kindergarten parade after lunch. The fun levels skyrocketed!
Here are just a few happy snaps of children reading with loved ones during Thursday morning reading this week and our Kindergarten Book Swap.

In other news, we are very pleased with the response we have had with the take home maths games. One of the skills that your child has been learning in numeracy lessons is to add two numbers together to find a solution. When children are learning to add it can be natural for them to start at one and count all the parts to find how many altogether.  One strategy that some children are learning to make adding more efficient is called counting on. This skill involves children selecting the largest number in a sum to start from, then counting on the smaller number. As an example 5 + 3 can be solved by selecting the larger number, 5, and counting on 3 more which is 6, 7, 8. When children are learning to count on they may benefit from prompts to select the largest number first and then count on.  We call the steps in this strategy 'think big, count small'.
The diagram below helps to visualise this strategy.

We can not express enough appreciation for the learning support you provide for your children at home. Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Kindergarten Team
Jessica, Kylie, Carly and Kate

Monday, 21 August 2017

Science Week

Kindergarten have had an exciting time celebrating National Science Week 'Future World'. The Bears have read books, imagined the world in 100 years and brainstormed ideas on how they can help look after the environment.

We have had lots of fun experimenting...

Monday we saw teabag rockets fly!

If you would like to try this at home you can find instructions and a short video here:

Tuesday we launched pop rockets!

If you would like to try this at home you can find instructions and a short video here:

 Wednesday we saw homemade lava lamps in action!

If you would like to try this at home you can find instructions and a short video here:

We were very lucky on Friday to have Dougal Mackey, an astronomer, come in and chat to the students about space! A big thank you to Dougal for giving his time to come in and answer some of our excellent wonderings!

Some of the wonderings the students asked were:
Why is there no gravity in space?

Why doesn't the water on earth fall off?

What is gravity made of?

Why can you sometimes only see half of the moon?

National Science Week helps to spark curiosity about science and our world across the nation. Kindergarten students have become more aware of human impact on our planet and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

Take Home Maths
Kindergarten students will begin bringing maths games home starting Monday week 6 as part of our take home learning program. A new maths game will be available each week for students to borrow and play at home with loved ones. Students should bring their game back each Monday to swap over for a new game. Games will only be swapped on a Monday so please return all equipment to ensure your child can borrow a new game.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Constable Kenny Koala

On Friday 4th August Constable Kenny Koala came in and shared lots of information about 'Staying OK'.  He spoke about the importance of safety and the potential dangers of not staying safe. Constable Kenny Koala taught us about:

  • who to speak to if we get into trouble or feel unsafe
  • looking after and being nice to our friends
  • how to keep ourselves safe
  • dealing with strangers
  • who to speak to if you get into trouble or feel unsafe
Constable Kenny reinforced the message that it is vital for all students to learn their loved ones contact numbers.  Please take the time to teach your child contact numbers as this will help them to 'Stay OK'.

Thank you for your continued support!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

100 Days Celebration

Thank you to all students and families for helping to support our '100 Days of Getting Smarter' celebration.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share this event with you and we appreciate you giving up your time and prioritising this event.

After our loved ones departed we had brain boost together and sang 'Happy 100 days to Us'.  Our day was filled with many fun and exciting learning experiences.  Students participated in a writing activity based on the concept 'I wish I had 100 ...'.  Students were awarded with a certificate and took part in musical games in the afternoon.  The healthy chicken salad wraps were a huge success and were enjoyed by all.  A big thank you to Alana Innes and Kaye Mongan for offering their time to cut up all the food required for the day. Your time and generosity were very much appreciated.  

We hope you enjoy looking at the collection of photos that were taken on the day that are on display in the Caring Cave.